Private donors commit $65 million to studying youth concussions – MELISSA HEALY May 28 2014

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With the focus on concussions in young athletes intensifying across the nation, the White House on Wednesday unveiled a raft of initiatives aimed at preventing mild traumatic brain injury and improving its diagnosis and treatment in children.

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Readying for a White House event Thursday focusing on youth sports and brain safety, officials announced a fresh commitment of $65 million in private funds to boost clinical and scientific work.

In addition to $30 million from the NCAA and a new pledge of $25 million from the NFL for separate endeavors, a $10-million gift to UCLA from Hollywood executive and New York Giants co-owner Steve Tisch will help get a national tracking system for concussions off the ground.

“Hopefully, 20 years from today, athletes won’t be discovering the head injuries that football players now are discovering they may have gotten when they were playing in high school and college,” said Tisch, whose…

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